Now all walks of exhibition can be said that competition is fierce business english exception, in such circumstances, some manufacturers began to emerge One, One launched some new services to attract consumers. For example, manufacturers have introduced easy-mount frames DIY service is well received by consumers love, so in the end this is what One kind services? Because the form of easy-mount structure is more diversified, so that the minds of consumers sometimes have their own kind One ideal. This DIY service is to serve these consumers, as long as u say their own ideas, then manufacturers will explore and u through professional knowledge to design a One paragraph in line with u mind DIY easy-mount frames.

One general, consumers buy exhibition stand at web design all times at the wholesale level in the form of getting goods directly from manufacturers, because the demand for such products is more and more. In this process, the consumer how to choose a relatively trouble when Yi Jia reliable manufacturer. In fact, u can study from two aspects to this factory: One aspect is the first from among the manufacturers reputation up visits, the network information is now so advanced, how manufacturers reputation is relatively easy to be found; One additional aspect is conduct physical inspection, view the manufacturer's production processes and product quality and appearance, integrated to determine the strength of SEOmanufacturers. Because the exhibition stand is more important One products at the time of purchase One set not to neglect.

Because easy to install the exhibition is relatively simple, generally speaking, a single product installation only takes 30 seconds to one or two minutes, so in most cases are installed by the user's own. In the installation process which should pay attention to the following two points: The first point is to install before you should carefully look at the installation steps, when the purchase will be supporting one installation instructions, the above detailed steps, we must first read and then install; Encountered difficulties can contact the manufacturers advice, do not try their own casual, or Yi Lajia is probably no way to use. Some consumers because of the installation process is not careful, resulting in the ultimate easy to pull the frame can not be used.

Sciatica is a kind of exhibition can bring severe pain to the disease, due to the relatively high degree of pain, so many patients can not stand, have to use drug treatment methods to suppress the feeling of pain. However, it should be noted that patients with sciatica may not be able to indiscriminate use of drugs, especially some of the drugs to relieve pain; some patients in order to be painful, large doses, this is wrong, because the drug will have some toxicity, but also in the cause Not sure before the best not to indiscriminately. Patients with neuralgia before the medication should be consulted before the next doctor, the first to know the cause and then take the appropriate treatment, it will become more scientific and safe.

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Graphic Design


We can help at any stage of your design, whether you want to leave the whole concept to our designers or you have an idea in mind.  We are also well know the tight deadlines and high quality print needed to supply top quality artwork and graphic design for the quality display system.



Printing Service


We will provide you with all information and help you to prepare your artwork in the correct format and resolution to get the best display graphics for the quality display system.


Step to preparing your art work:


► Choose your favorite display system from our "Product Catagories" 


► Check the "Visual size" in "Specification" part of each product page


► Follow the "Specification" as below, to prepare your artwork


► Upload your artwork to our FTP server 

  •  Contact us to get the "user name" & "password" to entry our FTP server 


Submit a low resolution jpg file for order confirmation by e-mail


Contact us at once if you have question or get in problem



To aviod late delivery, please check carefully and supplying us with correct & ready to print artwork.


Acceptable Mac & Windows Software


Adobe Photoshop CS2, Adobe Illustrator CS2, FreeHand 10 (or earlier)




Image size = Visual size of each product (No bleeds size need)




Colour images must be saved as CMYK (No RGB)




at least 120 dpi at full size 100%




Photographic image should be supplied as 120 dpi and placed into your document at 100%




Convert to outlines to avoid font conflict


 Submitted file


Flattened, no layers, saved as AI, TIF, EPS or JPG